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Why República Dominicana?

ADVENTURE – Explore coral reefs, caves, remains of galleons, shipwrecks, and a world of multicolored marine life. Surf or paraglide over those same waters. Horseback ride along the hills and colorful villages of the DR or leisurely golf some of the most magnificent courses in the Caribbean. Dominican Republic has it all.

BEACHES – White sand beaches that seem to endlessly run into the horizon, punctuated with slim coconut trees reaching the skies: it’s what the Dominican Republic is best known for. Explore over 200 beaches ranging from a brilliant white to a handful of black sand stretching southwest.

CENOTES & SPRINGS – Tucked inside lush rainforests, cenotes and spring-fed pools are breathtaking in color—sparkling, clear turquoise and emerald—and offer refreshing, cold swims in nature. With so many lush hills, you’re bound to find your favorite natural pool.

CULTURE – Known as the cradle of the Americas, the Dominican Republic boasts local culture across its cities and provinces. From churches to museums, theaters to award winning cigars and the DR’s favorite sport of baseball, there’s much to uncover.

NATURE – Whether you’re looking for hiking, bird watching, or flora expeditions, the DR’s protected areas should cover many aspects of your to-do list. Abundant rivers in these areas also lead to numerous waterfalls, some of which offer adrenaline-packed hiking adventures.

LEISURE – There is an abundance of leisure activities across the island from gambling to parks to shopping. Meander in colorful produce markets, present in every town and brimming with abundant fruits and vegetables. Pick up amber or larimar jewelry, cigars, chocolate, coffee, or a flask of mamajuana.

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